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July 24, 2014 at 11:49am

Chicago Protest Against Israel Massacre on Gaza

This is coverage of the Chicago Protest Against Israel Massacre on Gaza on July 20, 2014.

It began at the Chicago Tribune Tower, 435 N Michigan Ave.,  than finished outside the Consulate General of Israel, 500 W Madison St. Over 10,000 people attended the protest and hitting major news station such as ABC 7 for their biased coverage of the Conflict.











July 21, 2014 at 3:38pm

LAMC 2014

After graduation I ended having to take classes to graduate on time. But during this time I had the great opportunity to travel to New York to shoot the Latin Alternative Music Conference with  I have always wanted to go for the past two years but school always had me busy on going during the summer.

I was so surprise how fast it was to make it to New York by plane. The last time I went to the East Coast I went by Amtrak to Boston and It was just a horrible experience.

The conference consisted of doing interviews in the morning through the afternoon than going to shoot shows and going to after parties at night for three days. 

The first show took place in Brooklyn Prospect Park.
That night was ChocQuibTown and Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas. I really had no idea who these artist were, minus ChocQuibTown because we interviewed them earlier in the day, but I digged ChocQuibtown more than I did Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas. ChocQuibtown is more of a Afro-Columbian hip hop and i’ve been getting into hip hop more these days. Day 1 did not have a after party thank god. 

The photo slide below are what were shot the first day.

I can go into detail on what I did everyday when I was in New York but this would be a long post if I did. So I will post the slideshows on the next day with small side notes here and there. 

Day 2 

This day I attended the Acoustic Showcase which I was really excited to go watch Caloncho and Ana Tijoux because I had never seen them before. Caloncho I have been listening to when I first found out I was going to the conference. He has a more summery kind of pop feel to his music which I loved. Ana is just Ana. If you haven’t checked her out yet you need to like now. 

Day 3

 I was a huge Babasónicos fan when I was in high school and was bummed I wouldn’t see them in Chicago but found out the next day that they were going to be at the conference. I wouldn’t have only shot (photograph) them but actually have had the opportunity to meet them. I was heading towards the Central Park show that they were going to perform at and right when I went through the revolving doors of the hotel. I see Adrian, the lead singer of the band, outside just chatting. I had to talk to them so I went up and started chatting with them. I was super nervous though. He also asked if I wanted to have a photo with him. Of course I said yes. I rarely do this but just when the opportunity presents its self i do. 

The conference was a huge success.Minus spending a lot of money. but I was happy I was invited by the Gozamos gang again and had the opportunity meet many amazing people and artist. Also just being in New York again 


These photos are from a wedding that I had the privilege to photograph of an ex-coworker at the Chronicle Chronicle and great photographer James Foster

Myself and two other great friends and fellow photographers, Ahmad Hamad and Rena Naltsas, were invited to the Bridgeport Artist Lofts to shoot this wedding.

July 20, 2014 at 11:23pm

Let me just say this from the start…


I finally decided to make a blog. (again) Yes, It was time. 

I didn’t imagine  doing this this soon but I just shoot so many things that I often forget and also forget things in life in general. I have a problem on remembering my past from growing up as a child to high school and high school was just 5 years ago. 

So today is the day I start so……. where do I begin?

Seriously where do i?